Monday, March 29, 2010

Week 6

Today I am six weeks pregnant.
About Baby

Baby is about the size of a sweet pea (1/4 inch). By the end of this week, baby will grow to be twice this size! The big news this week is that baby's heart is now beating! It's too small/quiet to be heard (and won't be heard until around week 12), but it can be seen on an ultrasound. This is also a big week for brain development! It's all very exciting! Baby is also growing eyes, and a nose and chin. It has little webbed feet and toes and a tail, too!

My baby looks like an alligator! But don't worry, next week it starts to look a little more human.

How I'm Feeling
Nausea has started today. I feel pretty gross. I have only thrown up twice, but it's no fun. I am happy to have symptoms of pregnancy, as that helps me know baby is doing, but it's the least pleasant one so far. There are no real physical changes yet (unless you count the breakout that reminds me of my teenage years!). I'm not expecting that for a little while yet. I haven't gained any weight (thank goodness), despite my cravings for root beer floats. And pickles. And watermelon. Dairy products are really turning me off lately, and I find it hard to eat yogurt and cheese or drink milk. I'm trying to drink one glass of milk a day, though!

Doug has been a great daddy-to-be and is doing well in taking care of me. He's been very supportive, even when I have crazy hormonal outbursts. He's going to be a great daddy.

And baby makes three

Well, I suppose by now you already know there is going to be a baby Christians in November. We're thrilled, and nervous, and scared all at once. I am, at least. The news brought with it a flood of emotions, and it brought back a lot of memories from January. When we lost our first pregnancy it was extremely painful emotionally, but I feel this baby is an answered prayer, and definitely a gift from God. I know that no matter how long God chooses to let me carry this baby, it is a blessing, and I will not ever think otherwise.

We have told all our family members, and are preparing to make the big announcement on facebook. This is a sign of the times, I suppose, as it seems rather common to make a big deal about the facebook announcement.

I guess I should post a bit about the baby, and how things are going so far. Firstly, I'm due November 22nd. I'm feeling okay so far. Morning sickness hasn't been too bad yet, just a lot of nausea and feeling gross at night. I'm always tired, but that's normal. I am trying to take it easy during the first trimester, just to be on the safe side (and I've noticed there are physical repercussions to pushing myself too hard).

I've seen the doctor twice already and have another appointment this week. She says everything looks great, and we're getting ready to meet the OB. Here in Canada things are different, and I do prenatal exams with my family doctor in the beginning, and then switch over to my OB later on. I still want a midwife, but it's hard to get one here, and I haven't been told whether or not there is space for me yet. My first ultrasound is on May 10th (I'll be 12 weeks), and I am very anxious to see the baby!

Well, that's it for now. I'm hoping to do weekly updates so everyone near and far can stay connected throughout this pregnancy.