Monday, March 29, 2010

Week 6

Today I am six weeks pregnant.
About Baby

Baby is about the size of a sweet pea (1/4 inch). By the end of this week, baby will grow to be twice this size! The big news this week is that baby's heart is now beating! It's too small/quiet to be heard (and won't be heard until around week 12), but it can be seen on an ultrasound. This is also a big week for brain development! It's all very exciting! Baby is also growing eyes, and a nose and chin. It has little webbed feet and toes and a tail, too!

My baby looks like an alligator! But don't worry, next week it starts to look a little more human.

How I'm Feeling
Nausea has started today. I feel pretty gross. I have only thrown up twice, but it's no fun. I am happy to have symptoms of pregnancy, as that helps me know baby is doing, but it's the least pleasant one so far. There are no real physical changes yet (unless you count the breakout that reminds me of my teenage years!). I'm not expecting that for a little while yet. I haven't gained any weight (thank goodness), despite my cravings for root beer floats. And pickles. And watermelon. Dairy products are really turning me off lately, and I find it hard to eat yogurt and cheese or drink milk. I'm trying to drink one glass of milk a day, though!

Doug has been a great daddy-to-be and is doing well in taking care of me. He's been very supportive, even when I have crazy hormonal outbursts. He's going to be a great daddy.

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