Monday, May 31, 2010

15 weeks

Notable Info About Baby
-baby is approximately 4 inches from crown to rump (roughly the size of an orange) and weighs about 2 1/2 ounces.
-baby can sense light, even though his/her eyes are still shut
-baby can now officially hear things going on outside the womb
-baby's taste buds are formed, and functional. It can taste strong-flavored things that I eat (via amniotic fluid. Yum)

Notable Info About Momma
-I have developed a cyst in my abdomen. Doctor says it's nothing to worry about and will go away on it's own. I had one about a year ago and the doctor said it was likely hormone induced. This one hurts quite badly at times because of the pressure baby puts on it (it is about 4 inches below my belly button- right where baby likes to hang out). The last one went away after 2-3 weeks, so I'm hoping this one will be the same. Either way, it is a cyst, and due to it's location, it can't be removed during pregnancy. If it's still there a few months post partum, I will likely have surgery to remove it. I'm not too concerned either way, just hoping it goes away on it's own because it hurts, and I imagine it will hurt more as baby grows.

-I haven't gained any weight yet. In fact, I lost another pound this week. I'm not super concerned, but it is starting to nag at me. I'm not sure what to do (if anything), because I don't want to purposely gain weight by eating bad things. I eat ALL DAY LONG, so I know I am getting enough calories. My body is just being weird, I guess.

-I don't have any appointments until next week.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekly Update

This week baby is the size of a lemon! Anywhere from 3.2-4.5 inches.

The baby now has fingerprints, which were created by the motion of swimming around in amniotic fluid! Amazing, right? I think this is so cool.

Baby is now looking more proportionate as his/her body lengthens. Baby's chin is now lifted off the chest, ears and eyes are continuing to move into the proper positions.

Baby is now producing and eliminating urine, and in preparation for that first meconium poop, baby's bowels are storing it up. Lovely.

Baby's reflexes and muscles are continuing to develop. At this point, baby can clench it's fist and even suck it's thumb! Being poked or stimulated from outside the womb can get baby to move, wiggle, flinch, or stretch!

During this week baby is also starting to be able to hear sounds from outside the womb. I'm going to start singing and reading to baby. Gotta start collecting books and music! :)

How I'm Doing
Well, being in the second trimester does have certain advantages. I'm feeling much better as far as energy goes.

I gained one pound this week, which (according to the list of bi-weekly weigh-ins in my paper pregnancy journal) means my total weight change is -19 pounds. Not bad. It is a mental struggle for me, though, seeing the numbers starting to go up.

I organized some of the baby things we have (clothes and diapers mostly). I love our diapers. We need about 5 more, but I'm hoping to get them from the states (Target!) because they are cheaper, so we'll live without them for a while. It is so much fun collecting things for the baby, though. It makes everything seem so real.

I'm starting to feel baby moving a bit. Usually first thing in the morning. This morning I tested my theory and when I felt the little bubbles (that feel sort of like carbonation), I pulled out my doppler, put it right on the spot I felt the bubbles, and there was baby! Then baby quickly moved away. I don't think it likes being poked at with the doppler, but it's fun to have a little game of cat and mouse while I chase a heart beat. :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

the small things

Doug and I like to walk to Mass on Sunday mornings. It's a 30 minute walk, but we really enjoy talking and looking around at the things in our neighborhood. And there's a super cute white fluffy dog that comes running to get pet every time we pass.

Last week we noticed the abundance of dandelions, both in the new, bright yellow form, and in the fluffy white form as well. We spent our half our walk picking fluffy white dandelions and blowing the seeds into the air.

On our way home we commented on our childish natures, and Doug mentioned that he really likes that we both enjoy the small things in life. At that moment I stopped to look at what I thought was a ladybug on a yellow dandelion, but it was actually an aphid (we think). As we continued walking, we talked about how exciting it will be to share in the joys of the small things with our baby, who will be learning about the world for the very first time.

How exciting is it to play such a dynamic role in a human beings life, that we get to show our child the joy and beauty in the world. We get to experience the small things in life with someone who is experiencing them for the very first time. We get to play in the summer rain and show our little one how worms like to crawl out of the ground when it's raining, and how the sun makes a rainbow when the rain has stopped. We get to see the beauty of a tiny butterfly or a giant elephant from the perspective of someone seeing them for the first time.

One of the best "small things" in the world is growing rapidly inside me, ready to change our world, and our perspective on life, forever.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mommy Friends

I was thinking today about my friends who are entering (or have already entered) this state of "mommy-hood" that I am about to come into. I have been blessed in this pregnancy with several very good friends who are also due around the time I am due. It has been fun to enjoy the journey with them, and I look forward to having chats with them about our little ones as they grow up.

I have also been blessed with countless friends who are already moms (some who have been moms longer than others). In one circle of online friends, I am the newbie at motherhood. I am the only one who has yet to have a baby, and I have found that very comforting. It is a really special gift to be able to go to people who have more experience than I do. I know they probably chuckle to themselves at the nature of my questions, knowing well that the things I worry about now are pretty minor on the scale of things mothers worry about. But they offer their advise, and I am happy to take it, and I trust them, because I know they have much wisdom.

I have so many friends who have been on this journey longer than I have, and it's fun to finally be able to share with them my joys, fears, triumphs and failures. I have been waiting for so long to be able to relate to their daily activities, and to experience the joy of motherhood the way they have.

But what is hard for me, is that I have no local mommy friends in real life. In fact, locally, I don't know anyone at all. All the people I communicate with on a regular basis are much older neighbors or fellow parishioners. The only people I know locally are the people I used to nanny for. We do have friends that live five hours away who we consider our closest friends, but we don't get to see them very often. I really would like to find some mommy friends once this little bundle arrives. The problem is, I have no idea how to do this. How do people find mommy groups? How do people make friends? I've always assumed it was easier to make friends once you had kids, but I realize I have to make the first step, and I don't know what I'm doing!

But with hope, I'll have some mommy friends soon.

Monday, May 17, 2010

13 weeks!

This week is big news in two of my pregnancy books, and both of my journals. This week is the start of the second trimester. Technically, the second trimester starts in the middle of this week, but we won't be picky, will we? We're going to jump for joy that we have crossed over into second trimester status. This makes me beyond happy.

This week, baby is approximately 3 inches (anywhere from 2.9" to 3.5" is normal. We think baby is heading toward the 3.5" mark, because we were already nearing 3 inches at my 12 week ultrasound).

Baby is looking a lot more proportional this week. His/her head now only makes up 1/3 of that 3" length. In a few weeks, things will even out a lot more.

Baby's intestines are now tucked inside the abdomen (remember, they were partially inside the umbilical cord), right where they belong!

Baby can make a fist and suck his/her thumb. Awww, how cute! :) Baby's vocal cords are now fully formed as well (getting ready for the big debut in November, and that first beautiful cry).

About Mommy
I'm down another 3.2lbs this week, bringing my total weight change to -14lbs. It still amazes me how much weight I've lost, considering my belly keeps growing, but it makes sense. I spent several weeks throwing up on a regular basis, and now I am eating small meals frequently throughout the day. I am at my lowest weight in a really long time, and that's fine. I should start gaining weight from here on out.

I feel a burst of energy, which is fantastic. I still feel SUPER tired around 8pm, and am in bed really early on most days, but it is nice to not feel like I'm dragging all day long. I'm planning on putting my newfound energy to good use.

Not much else has changed with me. My hair is looking pretty fabulous, though! It's no longer stringy and greasy, but looking healthy and full. My nails are also really thick and long. It's really quite nice, actually. My skin is still breaking out, but not as bad as before.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Dear Baby

Dear Baby,

Here you are at 12 weeks in mommy's tummy. It was so exciting to see you today. You were sleeping and not very wiggly, but you stretched your arms out, and it was fun to see you move in there. I especially loved seeing your little hands.

It's amazing how much I love you already. You're the size of my pinky finger, and you're completely wrapped around it. I would do anything for you, and I've never even seen your face. I never knew how much I could love someone until you came into my life. I love taking care of you. I look forward to feeling you move around, feeling the first flutters of your little kicks. Please be gentle with me when you get bigger!

I love you. I love you, I love you I love you.

12 weeks!

About Baby

At 12 weeks pregnant, baby Froggy is now the length of a plum! He/She is about 2.5 inches long and weighs half an ounce. Baby has doubled in size in the last two weeks, and will just keep getting bigger and bigger! This is my last week in the first trimester, and next week will officially mark the beginning of the second trimester. Hooray! Never thought I'd get here, that's for sure.

All these weeks of development mean baby's organs are all present and fully functioning (though still in the development process). His/Her eyes are now closer to the front of the face (instead of at the sides), and the ears are in place as well.

This week baby is learning to swallow, and is currently swallowing amniotic fluid.

Even though I can't feel movements, I can stimulate movement in the baby. If poked in the right way, he/she will open/close his mouth, squint and wiggle fingers and toes! At this point, it is much easier to find the baby's heart beat on the doppler. I have listened to it every few days, and just this morning heard it nice and strong. When it becomes stronger and louder, I'll record it and post it here. :)

About Mommy
This week the uterus starts moving upward and above the pelvis. This means there will be less pressure on my bladder (hooray!), but not for long! When baby grows even more, he/she will put pressure on my bladder again.

Also, now the placenta has taken over production of hormones, so now I will have less hormonal side effects. I've already started feeling better (though am still exhausted all the time).

I did not gain or lose any weight this week, though my total weight change since the beginning of pregnancy is -12lbs. I'm sure I will gain that 12 pounds back sooner than I'd like! I have, however, gotten to a point where few of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit, and I am wearing maternity pants now (even though they are still too big).

Important Appointments
Today we have our 12 week ultrasound. It is an IPS ultrasound (also called the Nuchal screening ultrasound), where they measure the folds in the baby's neck to check for signs of down's syndrome. We also have to get the ultrasound to check the status of the subchorionic hematomas that were found at 9 weeks. We don't care about the IPS results, so we won't be getting them (they'll go straight to my midwife, and she knows I don't want to hear the results). We ARE excited to see the baby thought! I'll post pictures when we get home.

Tomorrow I have my first real midwife appointment. They'll go over my prenatal package from my family doctor, and will do normal prenatal exam things. It probably won't be very interesting, but such is the way of prenatal care. I do have a bunch of questions to ask, and we are going to discuss my desires for the birth. But at 12 weeks, there's not a whole lot I've decided on, so most of those things will be discussed later.

Shopping For Baby
We haven't bought anything yet, though we are looking! I am currently trying to find a stroller I like that is at a price that works for me. I really want a Peg Perego stroller, but they cost $300-$400, and we still need to buy a car seat. We are looking at getting a used one, but if that doesn't work out, we will just lower our standards a bit and settle on a cheaper stroller. I am looking at an Eddie Bauer travel system, as that would take care of the stroller AND car seat needs. No decisions have been made.

I am very excited to find out the sex of the baby so we can look at gender specific things. :) Hopefully I won't go overboard. ;)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Week 11

About Baby

This week baby is 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches from crown to rump. Baby is now the size of a large lime! He/She weighs 8grams.

Baby's head is still about half the size of his/her body. Over the next two weeks, baby's head will lift up from his/her chest and the neck will develop and lengthen.

Baby's organ systems are now functioning and he/she has a skeleton, nerves and blood circulation. Baby;s feet are fully formed, and if my little froggy could stand, his/her feet would fit onto an adult fingernail! So tiny!

The critical part of baby's development is over, and the rest of pregnancy is about rapid growth and preparation for labor/delivery.

Baby's eyelids are fused and his/her irises are forming as well as tooth buds, finger and toe nails and hair follicles!

Kicks, stretches and other movements are increasing, but I won't be able to feel them for a month or so. Baby is also experiencing hiccups starting this week! Tiny little baby hiccups can be seen on an ultrasound, but not felt!

About Mommy
I thought I've been feeling something baby-ish in there over the weekend (mostly at night right before bed or first thing in the morning) that felt like I swallowed a fish, but it's still really early to be feeling the baby. While some people say it's possible, it's not really likely, especially in my first pregnancy. And since so much of my body is changing, it could have been any number of things!

I haven't had morning sickness for a while now, and am concerned about weight gain. I'm trying to eat small amounts frequently throughout the day. I'm still unable to stomach vegetables, so I've been drinking V8 fruit fusion juice to hopefully get my vitamins. Or something. I have been eating lots of fruit, still. My main craving has been for fruits of all kinds. My craving for lemonheads has passed (and we still have a case and a half of those things!), and I'm now craving peaches which aren't in season just yet. I'm also craving watermelon and strawberries. They may not be the best of fruits to crave, but it is a better choice than many.

I am now wearing maternity clothes. They're still too big on me, but my normal clothes are too tight, and I find that it is important to be comfortable. So I bought some maternity jeans and have been wearing those (and sweats when I'm just staying home). I still don't look pregnant, but my belly is growing slowly, and I am pretty sure one day I'm just going to wake up with a baby bump. My abdomen has been pretty tender to the touch, but that is normal for this stage. This is also why wearing sweats or maternity pants has been a more comfortable choice!

Important Events
Today is my first midwife appointment! I'm so excited. It's just an introduction, I'll meet my midwife and we'll talk about midwifery care, and what it includes. They said there is a possibility they will listen for baby's heart beat and I am really excited about that. It will make me feel so happy to hear little Froggy's heart beating away.

Other than that, no baby related events this week. Next week will be more exciting. ;)