Tuesday, June 29, 2010

20 weeks!

20 weeks!

-OMG he's the size of a cantaloupe! In length, only, I assure you. :) This week, baby Ty is approximately 8-10 inches long (I know this thing says 6.5 but he was 10 inches according to the ultrasound) and weighs 10 ounces. He's growing!
-His bowels are collecting meconium for his first poop, hooray!
-We got the results from the ultrasound today, and he is head down, and on target for growth. He's also perfectly healthy and well developed!
-Not much is going on in Ty's development. Everything is pretty much formed and functional (he's even practicing breathing motions), and for the next 20 weeks he's just going to focus on growing!
-His heartbeat was great, and he was moving around when the midwife used the doppler.

-Am down a few pounds since 2 weeks ago. According to the midwife, I'm doing really well with weight gain/loss.
-I can feel baby moving a lot now. Still waiting for bigger kicks, but I'm happy to feel him wiggle around
-No real cravings, trying to eat moderately healthy.
-My blood pressure was 130/60 which is really good! My blood pressure has actually been better in pregnancy than it was pre-pregnancy. As a whole, I think I am a healthier pregnant woman than non-pregnant! :)

Not a whole lot going on here, but hooray, I'm halfway through the pregnancy! It's so exciting! This week at the midwife, we talked about pre-registry at the hospital (which Doug and I have to do in a few weeks), and about taking a prenatal class (which we're still not sure we want to do). We also discussed the gestational diabetes test. I'll be going after my next appointment (at the end of July). They want me to do a 2 hour test, which is a more diagnostic test than the typical 1 hour test (at this one, I have to fast for 12 hours, they draw my blood, then I drink that stuff, then wait an hour, have my blood drawn again, wait another hour and they draw my blood a third time). Because I am overweight and have a "family history" of diabetes (only my grandma had type 2 diabetes), it is recommended that I do this more conclusive test. I am nervous about this, as I have always been afraid of having diabetes, but there is nothing I can do about it, and nothing I can do to prevent GD if I do have it. We'll see, I guess. I will try not to worry!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Baby Registry

We have been asked by several people to post our baby registry. Last night we went through and added all the boy things that we had wanted! :) We're not expecting gifts, and honestly, if people stray from the exact items we registered for, we don't mind. We love everything, and just registered for the things we need, and aren't really picky about exact patterns or whatever.

Anyway, here is the link to our registry. We registered at Babies R Us because people from the US can shop in store or online and have items shipped directly to us in Canada. That way people don't have to worry about getting to the post office or paying for shipping themselves!

So yes. For those of you who asked for it: there is our registry! :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's a....

Even though everyone who reads this has already been informed, I had to come post here with our big news!

Yep! It's a boy! We're really excited, of course!

And in other big news, I felt him really KICK for the first time today! It was super exciting!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

19 weeks!

This week, baby is the size of a mango!

Weight Gain: I've gained 2lbs this week. My total gain is 3lbs, putting my weight change at 26lbs.
Doctor Appointments: Our big ultrasound is Thursday!!! No other appointments this week.
Baby Purchases: Haven't bought anything yet, but that will change soon.

More about Baby
-this week a thin film covers the baby's body to protect it from months and months of swimming in amniotic fluid
-baby's growth becomes more rapid and baby can even dream!
-it seems there is less and less to say about the baby here, as now the baby's important organs are developed, and baby is mostly focusing on growing!

More about Mommy
-I feel huge, but I still don't really look pregnant to strangers.
-I've been feeling the baby move a LOT lately.
-I've had a lot of soreness lately, as well. Sore hips and back especially.
-I can't believe I'm almost halfway done!

Um... that's it for this week! No belly shot, as nothing has really changed from last week. :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sweet Potato Baby

18 weeks! :-)

Tell Me About This Baby....
-Baby is now 5 1/2 to 6 inches in length, even longer if you include the length of the legs! Crazy sauce!
-Baby is super active now (compared to previous weeks), and is twisting, rolling, yawning, hiccuping, sucking and all sorts of things!
-the bones in baby's ears are now developed, and sending signals to his/her brain, so now baby can hear! This little one will become familiar with the sounds of my day (my heart beat, my voice, Ozzy barking, Jezebel meowing, Doug's voice...). Loud sounds may even startle baby!

And mommy is growing...
-I have gained 1lb this week. My weight gain so far is now -28lbs.
-Jezebel is obsessed with my belly. Even as I write this, she is laying across my belly. Baby moves a lot when Jezebel is near! It's kind of cute.
-I have felt some movement, but still it is irregular and not very strong. I am getting more and more anxious to feel the real kicks, and to have Doug feel them as well.
-this week I've been craving cottage cheese and limes (not together!)

We find out what we're having in 9 days!

Belly pic
Me, at 8 weeks, just for comparison:

And now, at 18 weeks:
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I have to confess, I tend to look more pregnant in the late afternoon and at night (this was taken in the afternoon), and I also look more pregnant when I wear full panel jeans. But... the belly is totally growing. There's no mistaking it. I can barely suck in my stomach anymore. LOL.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

midwife appointment update

I had a midwife appointment on Monday (why does that seem so long ago?), and everything went well.

A few things of note:

1. My due date was changed to November 16th. So I basically skipped a week. Baby has been measuring 6 days ahead since our ultrasound at 9 weeks, so my midwife thought it would be wise to change my due date, so we don't run into any complications with the hospital if I go into labor around 37 weeks (which would be considered pre-term with my original due date, and I wouldn't be able to birth with my midwife). So the next time I make an update, will be Tuesday, and it will be my week 18 update.

2. The cyst on my abdomen looked really bad on Monday, but has since been drained and is much smaller, not causing any pain, and is not infected. So all is well there. While it is smaller, it is still there. We're hoping it goes away on it's own, because I can't have it removed until after the baby is born. We'll see what happens, but hopefully it goes away soon!

3. My anatomy ultrasound is in two weeks. We're super excited to find out if we're having a boy or a girl. Both of us are leaning toward thinking it's a boy, but would be thrilled if it is a girl too, of course! And I honestly really want a little girl. I think Doug would be such a cute daddy to a little girl. He'll be great if we have a boy, too, but I just love the mental image of him with a little girl. We'll see, though! We have the whole day planned out for celebrating after we find out and I can hardly wait!

Monday, June 7, 2010

I have an avocado

I'm 16 weeks pregnant today!

About Baby
-baby is now between 4 and 5 inches in length. About the size of an avocado.
-the tiny bones in baby's ears are forming, so around this week, baby should be able to hear the sound of my voice! Awww.
-If Froggy is a girl, she's already got her whole storage of eggs in her ovaries! Before she's born, half of those eggs will die. Did you know that? Weird, right?
-Baby's eyes are now in their proper location at the front of baby's face. Baby is also a lot more proportionate with his/her legs longer than the arms, and the head lifted off the chest.

About Momma
-Have felt little flutters of movement, but nothing consistent yet. I am not expecting to feel anything major until at least a couple more weeks, just because I have so much extra "fluff". :)
-Speaking of "fluff", I have lost more weight this week. Another 3lbs. Sigh. No idea why, though. I'm down 33lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. Ridiculous. But I'm kind of hoping this means that when the baby is born, with the extra calorie burn from breastfeeding, I'll be able to get to a weight that was below my pre-pregnancy weight. It would thrill me to get back to THIS weight after the baby is born.
-I've had more frequent headaches the past few days, but they usually come on if I haven't gotten enough sleep, or if I need to eat.
-The stupid cyst on my abdomen has started draining. This is good news, but I still need to see my doctor about possibly draining it even more. And since it's infected, I'll need antibiotics. It's getting better, though, so that's good. Gross, but good.
-Today I have my second midwife appointment. I'm hoping she won't et upset about the weight loss. Also, she'll probably try to hear the heart beat again.
-I also get to make my anatomy ultrasound appointment today. :) Two weeks to go!