Tuesday, September 28, 2010

33 weeks... getting closer to the end!

I can't believe there's only 4 weeks until I'm considered full term. It's going by SO FAST. I am both happy and sad that the time is flying by. I'm sure by the time I hit 37 weeks I'll be begging for this whole thing to be done, but right now it is just zooming by and it makes me a little sad. My midwife said she expects to see me again soon with baby #2. We do want to put a bit of space between babies, but I really do love being pregnant. I hope I love being a new mommy as much as I love being a pre-mommy. :)

I am officially in my 8th month of pregnancy, according to thebump.com.

-From weeks 33-36 baby is about the size (in weight) of a honeydew melon! There is only one more fruit comparison left. That is so exciting to me!
-Ty is about 4 1/2lbs now, and between 17-18 inches long.
-His activity level is supposed to be decreasing now, and apparently he'll sleep most of the day (the website says "as most newborn babies do", isn't that a little misleading?). However, I'm still feeling crazy movement several times a day, and some amounts of kicking/stretching all throughout the day. Usually at night it feels like Ty is trying to burst out of me through my side. It's the weirdest feeling.
-My uterus is approximately five hundred times the size it was pre-pregnancy. And will likely never go back to being the size it was before I got pregnant.

Things are getting cramped in there! I don't think this is actually what Tyron's position is, though. I really can't tell for sure. My guess is that he is head down with his back facing out against my left side. I always feel a big bump and kicking on my left side, and am pretty sure it is feet and bum and not a head and hands.

Weight Change: No idea. I've been told to increase my calorie intake, and have been doing my best. I feel like I eat all day long. I've added juice to my daily liquids (instead of JUST water), a second glass of milk each day, plus eating small snacks throughout the day (crackers, yogurt, nuts). I was already eating all day, but now I try to make my snacks a little more calorie dense (instead of eating veggies and dip or fruit, I eat veggies and fruit plus something else that has more fat/calories). It has been kind of challenging, since I don't want to just pig out. This has been SO opposite of my life pre-pregnancy. I'm used to trying to cut back, and not ADD things. It's funny. I am enjoying it while it lasts.

Symptoms/Feelings: I am feeling a lot more tired and a lot more pain. I just got an exercise ball (which I am currently sitting on), and it seems to help a lot with back pain, but I'm also experiencing a lot of round ligament pain, and a general soreness in my belly, ribs and hips. All normal things, and things I am learning to live with.

Sleep is harder to achieve. I wake up a lot in the night and have a harder time falling back to sleep. I try not to allow myself to fully wake up, and will just lay in bed singing a song or thinking about something relaxing. It's not easy, though, and I often want to just get out of bed and read or go online. Not such a good idea in the middle of the night!

Everything else is the same. Heartburn, still some nausea/vomiting in the mornings (this has never gone away, I've been dealing with this since the beginning, though some days are better than others), frequent urination, et cetera.

Cravings: Nothing this week!

Appointments: None this week.

Anything Big Happening? We're going to a Toronto Football Club game tonight. I'm excited! I've never been to a professional soccer game before. I'm sure it's a totally different experience than baseball games I've been to! We also have some out-of-town guests coming to visit this weekend. Our good friends Melanie and Trevor and their baby! We're excited to get to see them.

Preparing for Baby: We're done buying things for Ty. We bought the crib on Sunday, and that was the last thing we needed before he gets here! Now we're getting into more serious preparation with packing the hospital bags and I'm doing the Hypnobabies course in preparation for labor.

No belly pic this week, sorry!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

32 weeks

YAAAAY 32 weeks! I feel really excited about that for some reason, haha. Only 8 weeks until my due date (9 weeks and 3 days until they want me to evict the baby, but I'll probably push for another 4 days of cooking time).

-Ty is about 4lbs and 17 inches long
-He will gain about half a pound per week now (wow!)
-they say the baby's movements peak this week and will start to slow down (oh thank goodness, because OUCH).
-Also, baby is sleeping 90-95% of the day (it sure doesn't feel like it.

Weight Change: This morning (at my 10am appointment) I was 237.5lbs. I don't even know what my weight change has been so far. I stopped keeping track. Plus it's hard to keep track accurately when my appointments aren't at the same time of day. My 30 week appointment was at 2pm and I was 241lbs. But my weight fluctuates a lot during the day, so it's hard to get an accurate measurement. As long as I'm not gaining too fast or losing a lot, then I'm sure everything is fine. I'm not doing anything to lose weight (or even to control my weight, I'm totally just eating whatever and I've cut back on my exercise due to increased joint and back pain).

As we stand, I am currently down 22.5lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight.

Symptoms/Feelings:Tyron has been moving a lot, and seems to have the hiccups much more frequently these days.

My sciatica pain is hurting more, but not TOO bad. I also am experiencing more hip pain, and my back hurts pretty much constantly. My midwife said the sciatica and hip pain are good signs, as that means my hips and pelvis are preparing for birth. I am doing yoga still, but I've stopped going for daily walks (I now go 3 times a week or so), as the walking was causing my various pains to be a bit worse. My midwife suggested a yoga ball/birthing ball to help with the sciatica (she also suggested going to a chiropractor, which I will do if the pain gets really bad, but it's not horrible right now). A birthing ball will also help get baby into position as well as strengthen my core in preparation for birth.

Cravings: Coconut!

Appointments: Had a midwife appointment this morning. Everything looks good. My uterus is measuring perfectly on target, baby's heart beat was 145bp, my blood pressure was 128/60. Everything is going great. She couldn't quite figure out Tyron's position. She said he was laying at an angle and it felt like he might be head-down but she wasn't sure. I still think he is head down based on how I'm feeling movements, but we'll have an ultrasound in about 4 weeks in order to see for sure. I'm not really worried, though. I may have to have an appointment with my family doctor, but otherwise, my next appointment isn't for two weeks.

Anything Big Happening? Yes!!! Doug's parents are out in Toronto this weekend, so I get to spend the day with my mother-in-law on Thursday. I'm looking forward to seeing her. It'll just be the two of us during the day, but at night Neil and Doug will join us for dinner. It should be fun! Then Saturday we're going to a greyhound run and BBQ and Sunday we're going to Ikea (yes, this is BIG. Who doesn't love Ikea?). Next week on Tuesday we're going to a Toronto Football Club (TFC) game. Fun times coming up!

Preparing for Baby: On Sunday we're getting our new crib. That's the last thing we need! So exciting!

Belly Pics:

Comparing this to one of my first belly pics is so ridiculous! Check out my 17w3d non-belly:


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Getting closer and closer!

There are only 9 weeks until my due date. Sixty-three days. I hadn't been paying attention to my tickers, apparently, because I didn't even know we went below 100 days, haha.

So the run-down is: 6 weeks until I'm considered full-term. 9 weeks until my due date. 11 weeks until Tyron would be evicted (but we're hoping he's polite and joins us in the bright and shiny world before he gets his eviction notice).

So exciting!

-Tyron is now a little over 3lbs and 16in long. Grow Ty, grow! That's about the weight of 4 naval oranges... or, you know, something normal that weighs 3 pounds. He's got more fat under the skin now, so he's looking plumper and pinker than he had before.

-he's going to be gaining weight pretty rapidly now, as that is his MAIN JOB in there. That, and practicing his breathing and strengthening his lungs for that first beautiful breath. He's also working on sucking and swallowing to help him with breastfeeding (keep practicing, Ty! Mommy doesn't really want breastfeeding issues!).

-Everything Tyron does in there is helping him get ready for life in the outside world. He's stretching (for sure, I can totally feel it and it hurts!), and wiggling, and touching and feeling. He's grabbing the umbilical cord and his feet, he's turning his head from side to side. He's looking around at things in the womb, and at the shadows of things outside the womb, when the light is just right. He's listening to my heart beat, my breathing, my digestion, my voice. He hears Ozzy barking and Doug singing, he hears water running in the shower or bath, and the sounds of my world. He remembers the tune of "Favorite Things" since I sing that to him several times a day (and he's taken to kicking me when he hears me sing it). He's getting as ready as he can for his big debut.

Weight Change: At my midwife appointment last week I had gained 1 1/2lbs in the previous two weeks. I'm at a total of -23lbs.

Symptoms/Feelings: Been feeling super hormonal lately. It's not fun! I'm also getting very territorial about food, and eating quite frequently. I'm having a harder time walking, harder time breathing and a harder time sleeping. Overall, it's not too bad. I've had a tingling feeling in my left leg that is most likely related to sciatica, so I've been doing my yoga in order to help relieve pain. The cat-cow pose has been best for my back pain.

Tyron has been kicking the snot out of me. It's getting to a point where his jabs are rather painful at times. Most likely this change is because he's flipped to the head-down position (yay) and his feet can do a lot more damage than his arms. He likes to stretch out, and press his bum into my side, while sticking his feet into my ribs and it's really sore. I don't mind too much, as it is good to have an active baby in the womb.

Most of my not-so-fun symptoms are worse at night, but that's pretty normal.

Cravings cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt. I know this means I need to increase my calcium and dairy intake. I'm working on it! I'm also craving sweets and Taco Bell.

Appointments: I had an appointment last week, and my next one is next week. It's my week off!

Anything Big Happening? Nope. This is our week of rest before we start getting really busy. I'm taking this time to enjoy myself at the mall. :)

Preparing for Baby: We are almost all set, really. Starting to really figure out what we still need (hats, blankets, bibs, diapers/wipes). My mom gave us a really beautiful crib bedding set that I'm anxious to set up soon, and I've packed Ty's hospital bag.

Belly Pic: 31 weeks!
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

30 weeks!!!

This feels like a milestone! I've reached 30 weeks! Seven weeks until I'm considered full term, ten weeks until my due date. We'll definitely have a baby within the next 12 weeks (technically, 11 weeks, 3 days, as they don't really want me going more than 10 days past my due date, but I can always refuse induction and tell them I'd rather wait until I'm 2 weeks past due).

-Ty is still around 16 inches long and weighs nearly 3 pounds (as much as a head of cabbage, says baby center).
-He's got lots of room and amniotic fluid to swim around in, but that will continue to decrease as he gets bigger.

I have a midwife appointment at 2pm, so I'll probably update some of this (or post a new entry) when I get back.
Weight Change: Not sure yet. I'll find out at my appointment today. I've probably gained a bit of weight, I feel huge!

Symptoms/Feelings: Leg cramps at night that make my legs hurt all day. Heartburn at night, back pain pretty much all day but worse at night. A general feeling of discomfort. The FUN ones are: lots of movement. LOTS AND LOTS. I LOVE it. When Ty is active, I poke my belly and he pokes back. Doug got to see this over the weekend, and it was pretty fun. Doug is able to hear sounds of movement when he puts his ear to my belly. Every day I've been singing "Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music because I read that the baby can recognize songs that are played/sung frequently, and will even remember them after he's born. I couldn't tell you why I chose that song. It was the first one that came out my mouth when I started singing. :)

Cravings: None this week!

Appointments: I have a midwife appointment today at 2pm, and then on Thursday night is my hospital pre-registration and tour.

Anything Big Happening? Not this week, really. It's kind of a busy week with things we've got going on, but nothing out of the ordinary. The end of the month will be more fun, though. We've got a few fun things planned for the end of September/beginning of October.

Preparing for Baby: Not a whole lot left to do for Ty. Other than his crib, that is. My mom sent us some things for him, which I am excited to get! She bought his crib bedding and I'm really excited to see it! We wanted to do the nursery in blue and brown (one of my favorite color combos), and I told my mom to surprise me with the bedding, as I am not picky and I trust her judgement! :)

Belly Pic: 30 Weeks!
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
A picture of my face for good measure (and because I waxed my eyebrows and wore makeup, haha).

Sunday, September 5, 2010

like a beautiful song on a busted old radio

Danny & Annie from StoryCorps on Vimeo.

This video is six minutes long, and is definitely worth taking that six minutes to watch. I watched it twice and was in tears through both viewings.

When a guy is happily married, no matter what happens at work, no matter what happens the rest of the day there's a shelter when you get home there's a knowledge knowing that you can hug somebody without them throwing you down the stairs and saying "get your hands off me". Being married is like having a color television set. You never want to go back to black and white.

Lately I've had a few issues with marriage. Not issues in my marriage, but in seeing the fragility of marriage in people around me. I realize how fragile marriage is, how important it is to constantly nurture your marriage, and how absolutely vital it is to make your marriage a priority. My parents' are divorcing after 26 years of marriage, and while I can't spend any amount of time analyzing what happened between them, or trying to sort their relationship out, I have spent a lot of time talking to Doug about our marriage. We can't guarantee there won't be difficulties, in fact, we CAN guarantee that there WILL be difficulties. This doesn't mean that our marriage is doomed just because we hit a bump in the road (or a mountain). We made a commitment to each other recently, that we will put our marriage at the very top of our priority list, that we will be honest with one another about any issues that arise, and that we will not hesitate to seek help when we need it.

Right now it is easy for us to say that our marriage is a shelter, that we feel safe and secure. Right now it seems unnecessary to plan for future difficulties, but it is important for us to discuss these things now, to feed our marriage and help it grow strong. Especially now that our little boy is on his way, our little boy who will be greatly affected by our marriage.

And maybe one day there will be a video, like the above, about Doug and I. Maybe one day our marriage will inspire other people, give them hope, give them something to look forward to and to hold on to. But for now, we are content in what we have, we are content to say "I love you" as many times as possible, to never forget the meaning of the words, and the promises we made to each other the day we started this journey.

(and as a completely random sidenote, my wonderful husband has started a blog of his very own. Check it out)