Tuesday, July 20, 2010

23 weeks

No more weekly fruit comparisons! Now it's only every month that the fruit comparison changes. Baby is still growing, though more slowly than he grew at the beginning.

About Baby
-Tyron is now approximately 12 inches long and weighs just over a pound!
-He can sense movement now, so if I dance, he can feel it! Rocking motions of my body will rock him to sleep, which is why he tends to be more awake at night than during the day, I guess!
-Tyron is now mostly focusing on weight gain and growth, but he continues to learn and change each week. His digestive system is now mature enough to absorb nutrients from drinking amniotic fluid.
-All his senses work now, and he can sense the difference between light and darkness. He continues to explore his world with his hands and is listening to the sounds of my day. He loves to hear Ozzy barking, and jumps around when he hears it! He also loves music that is heavy on bass!

About Mommy
Weight Change: This week I gained 1.5lbs. Not too shabby! This puts my total weight change at -33.5lbs. While the average is 15lbs gained, I feel comfortable with what my body is doing. I know my body is taking good care of the baby.

Symptoms/Feelings: I'm hungry all day long! I eat every 2-3 hours, or I get sick. I got sick last night because my stomach was empty. It's really weird and unpleasant. Heartburn has started setting in no matter what I eat, but gaviscon is my friend. I'm also starting to deal with lower back pain! Nothing too bad, and I'm really really enjoying being pregnant.

Cravings: Was craving salad last night! Am craving yogurt with granola a lot. That's about it, though.

Appointments: Next week!

Anything Big Happening?: This weekend we're going to Medieval Times. We also had to deal with our first pet injury! Ozzy tore his dewclaw on Sunday. He's fine now, though I am practicing my first aid skills with changing his bandage. That's it for this week, though! Next week is more exciting. ;)

Preparing for Baby: We're starting to talk about parenting related things. I'm making plans to join a mommy group for play dates, and we're planning on taking advantage of Stars and Strollers so I can get out of the house. Doug and I talk a lot about our plans as parents, and things we want to do/values we want to instill in our son.

Belly Pic:
A different kind of belly pic this week. I find it pretty fascinating how round my belly is when I lay down. I think because laying down really shows the shape of my baby bump. And pre-pregnancy, my belly would be kind of flat looking when I laid down, so seeing this round belly popping up when I lay in bed is pretty amusing!

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