Tuesday, July 6, 2010

21 Week Update

Baby is the size of a banana!
This week we start measuring the baby's length from head to toe, instead of head to rump.

At the end of this week, I will have officially completed 5 months of pregnancy! Crazy!

Weight Change: Down another 3 pounds from last week. I think I'm just going to stop with the weekly weight measurements. It's kind of pointless. I feel really awkward about my weight loss, and it's so stupid. I'll post the stats from my midwife appointments, though. My belly is growing (I took measurements, and it's ridiculous!) and I'm eating and drinking, so I just need to stop caring about my weight. At this point, I will most likely only gain enough to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight by the end of pregnancy. We'll see.

Symptoms/Feelings: No real major symptoms. My skin seems to be clearing up (knock on wood, haha), and I feel pretty great. I still throw up once in a while, but I am starting to not care much about that. I have to pee a lot during the day, and at night it's only been 2-4 times through the night (always at 3:30am!). I have felt baby move a LOT more lately as well. He thumps around in there several times throughout the day. It's much more regular than it was even just last week.

Cravings: Um... everything? Ice capps from Tim Hortons and sweets. And yes, I totally give in. I know it's not a great thing, but I sort of don't care. I am not eating junk food all day long, so I don't think it's a bad thing to give in to cravings when they hit me.

Appointments: None for a few weeks.

Anything big happening: Nothing, really. We are still planning on moving, but waiting to find out WHEN exactly. People are always moving out, and there are currently SEVEN vacant apartments in this building, so we'll definitely get one.

Preparing for baby: We were thinking of signing up for the free prenatal class in the city, but it's an hour away by bus from 7-9pm once a week for 6 weeks. I guess we could manage it, but we don't really feel it is totally necessary, and are not going to go. And we're too cheap to pay for any of the other classes. I don't feel that prenatal classes would really benefit us enough to justify the cost/inconvenience. We'd rather buy our stroller/car seat with that money.

Belly Pic: None this week. Sorry!


  1. eat what you want in moderation. that is what i did. i mean it is hard to not eat the things you want when you have an uncontrollable craving for it. haha. It was really hard for me with the gestational diabetes tho. really hard. my sister brought me some cupcakes after I had Jude. It made up for everything. I dont think you would need the prenatal class. dont waste the money on something like that. use it for your stroller/car seat. we took a class that kaiser sponsored and it was lame and pointless. you are more than halfway done! yay

  2. Kari-
    I am definitely trying to eat in moderation, and it's been fine. I don't feel like I'm doing badly with eating, so it's okay. I haven't really craved sweets much at all but what I DO crave is totally not healthy. :)

    We're definitely not going to a prenatal class. I think we'll be okay without it!