Tuesday, November 9, 2010

39 weeks, come on baby!

So, I guess it's time for another weekly update! I'm actually really hoping this is my last one, but obviously only Tyron knows when he's going to be born.

He's basically done cooking. I don't know what he's doing in there now other than getting fatter. Maybe he's practicing a big dance for his debut. Sometimes it sure feels like he is! Okay, here we go:

Weight Change: gained a pound this week. Haha.

Symptoms/Feelings: Lots of "practice" contractions. LOTS. Like, every day they come and go all day long. Totally normal and annoying. This morning at like 5am they were really bad and woke me up. I walked around and they got worse, and I thought maybe it was heading toward the real thing. I decided to try to sleep, but woke up every time another contraction came. They ended up tapering off at lie 8am (right in time to wake up for the day!).

My midwife said that I can take 2 tylenol and 2 gravol to help me sleep when these things happen. I wish I did that this morning. I'm exhausted.

Also been feeling really nauseous and sick to my stomach several times a day. Apparently this is another "almost done" sign. I hope it is almost done, because I hate feeling sick and hungry at the same time.

Cravings: Chips and salsa! If I'm still pregnant this weekend, we're having a "fat movie weekend" and watching LOST seasons 1 and 2, so

Appointments: Had my appointment at 11am. All is well, really. Heart beat good, weight good, measuring good. She did a cervical check and I am 1cm dilated (she said MORE than 1cm, but not quite 2), partially effaced (she didn't specify how much) and my cervix is tilted forward. She wrote something else on my chart about my membranes, but I can't read her writing. She said she could feel his head, which I guess is a good thing. Next week we will possibly do a stretch and sweep to get things moving, but I haven't 100% decided.

Anything Big Happening? I finished Christmas shopping! I just need to get wrapping paper and stuff on Thursday.

Preparing for Baby: We're prepared. Just get here, Tyron!

Belly Pics: Kind of a crappy picture this week.
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  1. Love the picture! wow you're done with Christmas shopping! So prepared momma! Whew! I can't wait ot hear about EVERYTHING OMG! lol. <3 you babe.

    How does it feel to say "If I'm still pregnant"?

    AIM date this week? It's been forever it seems, at least emails. I feel like we're getting further apart and I can't stand that, we are to good of friends to do that. Love ya

  2. definitely not a crappy picture! you look awesome! and again I love the shirt! lol