Tuesday, September 21, 2010

32 weeks

YAAAAY 32 weeks! I feel really excited about that for some reason, haha. Only 8 weeks until my due date (9 weeks and 3 days until they want me to evict the baby, but I'll probably push for another 4 days of cooking time).

-Ty is about 4lbs and 17 inches long
-He will gain about half a pound per week now (wow!)
-they say the baby's movements peak this week and will start to slow down (oh thank goodness, because OUCH).
-Also, baby is sleeping 90-95% of the day (it sure doesn't feel like it.

Weight Change: This morning (at my 10am appointment) I was 237.5lbs. I don't even know what my weight change has been so far. I stopped keeping track. Plus it's hard to keep track accurately when my appointments aren't at the same time of day. My 30 week appointment was at 2pm and I was 241lbs. But my weight fluctuates a lot during the day, so it's hard to get an accurate measurement. As long as I'm not gaining too fast or losing a lot, then I'm sure everything is fine. I'm not doing anything to lose weight (or even to control my weight, I'm totally just eating whatever and I've cut back on my exercise due to increased joint and back pain).

As we stand, I am currently down 22.5lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight.

Symptoms/Feelings:Tyron has been moving a lot, and seems to have the hiccups much more frequently these days.

My sciatica pain is hurting more, but not TOO bad. I also am experiencing more hip pain, and my back hurts pretty much constantly. My midwife said the sciatica and hip pain are good signs, as that means my hips and pelvis are preparing for birth. I am doing yoga still, but I've stopped going for daily walks (I now go 3 times a week or so), as the walking was causing my various pains to be a bit worse. My midwife suggested a yoga ball/birthing ball to help with the sciatica (she also suggested going to a chiropractor, which I will do if the pain gets really bad, but it's not horrible right now). A birthing ball will also help get baby into position as well as strengthen my core in preparation for birth.

Cravings: Coconut!

Appointments: Had a midwife appointment this morning. Everything looks good. My uterus is measuring perfectly on target, baby's heart beat was 145bp, my blood pressure was 128/60. Everything is going great. She couldn't quite figure out Tyron's position. She said he was laying at an angle and it felt like he might be head-down but she wasn't sure. I still think he is head down based on how I'm feeling movements, but we'll have an ultrasound in about 4 weeks in order to see for sure. I'm not really worried, though. I may have to have an appointment with my family doctor, but otherwise, my next appointment isn't for two weeks.

Anything Big Happening? Yes!!! Doug's parents are out in Toronto this weekend, so I get to spend the day with my mother-in-law on Thursday. I'm looking forward to seeing her. It'll just be the two of us during the day, but at night Neil and Doug will join us for dinner. It should be fun! Then Saturday we're going to a greyhound run and BBQ and Sunday we're going to Ikea (yes, this is BIG. Who doesn't love Ikea?). Next week on Tuesday we're going to a Toronto Football Club (TFC) game. Fun times coming up!

Preparing for Baby: On Sunday we're getting our new crib. That's the last thing we need! So exciting!

Belly Pics:

Comparing this to one of my first belly pics is so ridiculous! Check out my 17w3d non-belly:


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