Tuesday, September 28, 2010

33 weeks... getting closer to the end!

I can't believe there's only 4 weeks until I'm considered full term. It's going by SO FAST. I am both happy and sad that the time is flying by. I'm sure by the time I hit 37 weeks I'll be begging for this whole thing to be done, but right now it is just zooming by and it makes me a little sad. My midwife said she expects to see me again soon with baby #2. We do want to put a bit of space between babies, but I really do love being pregnant. I hope I love being a new mommy as much as I love being a pre-mommy. :)

I am officially in my 8th month of pregnancy, according to thebump.com.

-From weeks 33-36 baby is about the size (in weight) of a honeydew melon! There is only one more fruit comparison left. That is so exciting to me!
-Ty is about 4 1/2lbs now, and between 17-18 inches long.
-His activity level is supposed to be decreasing now, and apparently he'll sleep most of the day (the website says "as most newborn babies do", isn't that a little misleading?). However, I'm still feeling crazy movement several times a day, and some amounts of kicking/stretching all throughout the day. Usually at night it feels like Ty is trying to burst out of me through my side. It's the weirdest feeling.
-My uterus is approximately five hundred times the size it was pre-pregnancy. And will likely never go back to being the size it was before I got pregnant.

Things are getting cramped in there! I don't think this is actually what Tyron's position is, though. I really can't tell for sure. My guess is that he is head down with his back facing out against my left side. I always feel a big bump and kicking on my left side, and am pretty sure it is feet and bum and not a head and hands.

Weight Change: No idea. I've been told to increase my calorie intake, and have been doing my best. I feel like I eat all day long. I've added juice to my daily liquids (instead of JUST water), a second glass of milk each day, plus eating small snacks throughout the day (crackers, yogurt, nuts). I was already eating all day, but now I try to make my snacks a little more calorie dense (instead of eating veggies and dip or fruit, I eat veggies and fruit plus something else that has more fat/calories). It has been kind of challenging, since I don't want to just pig out. This has been SO opposite of my life pre-pregnancy. I'm used to trying to cut back, and not ADD things. It's funny. I am enjoying it while it lasts.

Symptoms/Feelings: I am feeling a lot more tired and a lot more pain. I just got an exercise ball (which I am currently sitting on), and it seems to help a lot with back pain, but I'm also experiencing a lot of round ligament pain, and a general soreness in my belly, ribs and hips. All normal things, and things I am learning to live with.

Sleep is harder to achieve. I wake up a lot in the night and have a harder time falling back to sleep. I try not to allow myself to fully wake up, and will just lay in bed singing a song or thinking about something relaxing. It's not easy, though, and I often want to just get out of bed and read or go online. Not such a good idea in the middle of the night!

Everything else is the same. Heartburn, still some nausea/vomiting in the mornings (this has never gone away, I've been dealing with this since the beginning, though some days are better than others), frequent urination, et cetera.

Cravings: Nothing this week!

Appointments: None this week.

Anything Big Happening? We're going to a Toronto Football Club game tonight. I'm excited! I've never been to a professional soccer game before. I'm sure it's a totally different experience than baseball games I've been to! We also have some out-of-town guests coming to visit this weekend. Our good friends Melanie and Trevor and their baby! We're excited to get to see them.

Preparing for Baby: We're done buying things for Ty. We bought the crib on Sunday, and that was the last thing we needed before he gets here! Now we're getting into more serious preparation with packing the hospital bags and I'm doing the Hypnobabies course in preparation for labor.

No belly pic this week, sorry!


  1. Yay I cant believe it is almost here! With the decreased movement in the baby, make sure you are keeping track of his kick count. Just a little advice if I could give some. Had I not kept track of it, I guess things could have turned out in a bad way. Have you tried taking a benedryl for sleep? It is a medication that is ok during pregnancy and they recommend it if you are having insomnia. Just make sure you get the NON non-drowsy kind. Hahaha. I have a gift in mind for the baby, and they sell it at babies r us online but only in the US not Canada which is strange since it originated in Europe. So I will have to buy it here and then ship it to you. I am so excited for you and cannot believe how fast it went either. I miss being pregnant, crazy huh? Even thought it wont be another 151-6 months at least until we try again, I do miss it. So enjoy the last couple weeks as much as you can!

  2. *15-16 months...im sure you got it tho :)

  3. So far I haven't really needed to do kick counts, I can still feel him moving ALL THE TIME. I did do them yesterday, just because I'd worried that he wasn't moving much and I'd had quite a few contractions in the morning, but everything was fine.

    Being pregnant has been pretty amazing. I'm starting to feel more uncomfortable, but I still love being pregnant. And thanks for the tip about Benadryl! So far, my sleep comes and goes (one good night, one bad night, etc), but if it gets bad, I'll definitely try Benadryl!