Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Getting closer and closer!

There are only 9 weeks until my due date. Sixty-three days. I hadn't been paying attention to my tickers, apparently, because I didn't even know we went below 100 days, haha.

So the run-down is: 6 weeks until I'm considered full-term. 9 weeks until my due date. 11 weeks until Tyron would be evicted (but we're hoping he's polite and joins us in the bright and shiny world before he gets his eviction notice).

So exciting!

-Tyron is now a little over 3lbs and 16in long. Grow Ty, grow! That's about the weight of 4 naval oranges... or, you know, something normal that weighs 3 pounds. He's got more fat under the skin now, so he's looking plumper and pinker than he had before.

-he's going to be gaining weight pretty rapidly now, as that is his MAIN JOB in there. That, and practicing his breathing and strengthening his lungs for that first beautiful breath. He's also working on sucking and swallowing to help him with breastfeeding (keep practicing, Ty! Mommy doesn't really want breastfeeding issues!).

-Everything Tyron does in there is helping him get ready for life in the outside world. He's stretching (for sure, I can totally feel it and it hurts!), and wiggling, and touching and feeling. He's grabbing the umbilical cord and his feet, he's turning his head from side to side. He's looking around at things in the womb, and at the shadows of things outside the womb, when the light is just right. He's listening to my heart beat, my breathing, my digestion, my voice. He hears Ozzy barking and Doug singing, he hears water running in the shower or bath, and the sounds of my world. He remembers the tune of "Favorite Things" since I sing that to him several times a day (and he's taken to kicking me when he hears me sing it). He's getting as ready as he can for his big debut.

Weight Change: At my midwife appointment last week I had gained 1 1/2lbs in the previous two weeks. I'm at a total of -23lbs.

Symptoms/Feelings: Been feeling super hormonal lately. It's not fun! I'm also getting very territorial about food, and eating quite frequently. I'm having a harder time walking, harder time breathing and a harder time sleeping. Overall, it's not too bad. I've had a tingling feeling in my left leg that is most likely related to sciatica, so I've been doing my yoga in order to help relieve pain. The cat-cow pose has been best for my back pain.

Tyron has been kicking the snot out of me. It's getting to a point where his jabs are rather painful at times. Most likely this change is because he's flipped to the head-down position (yay) and his feet can do a lot more damage than his arms. He likes to stretch out, and press his bum into my side, while sticking his feet into my ribs and it's really sore. I don't mind too much, as it is good to have an active baby in the womb.

Most of my not-so-fun symptoms are worse at night, but that's pretty normal.

Cravings cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt. I know this means I need to increase my calcium and dairy intake. I'm working on it! I'm also craving sweets and Taco Bell.

Appointments: I had an appointment last week, and my next one is next week. It's my week off!

Anything Big Happening? Nope. This is our week of rest before we start getting really busy. I'm taking this time to enjoy myself at the mall. :)

Preparing for Baby: We are almost all set, really. Starting to really figure out what we still need (hats, blankets, bibs, diapers/wipes). My mom gave us a really beautiful crib bedding set that I'm anxious to set up soon, and I've packed Ty's hospital bag.

Belly Pic: 31 weeks!
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