Tuesday, September 7, 2010

30 weeks!!!

This feels like a milestone! I've reached 30 weeks! Seven weeks until I'm considered full term, ten weeks until my due date. We'll definitely have a baby within the next 12 weeks (technically, 11 weeks, 3 days, as they don't really want me going more than 10 days past my due date, but I can always refuse induction and tell them I'd rather wait until I'm 2 weeks past due).

-Ty is still around 16 inches long and weighs nearly 3 pounds (as much as a head of cabbage, says baby center).
-He's got lots of room and amniotic fluid to swim around in, but that will continue to decrease as he gets bigger.

I have a midwife appointment at 2pm, so I'll probably update some of this (or post a new entry) when I get back.
Weight Change: Not sure yet. I'll find out at my appointment today. I've probably gained a bit of weight, I feel huge!

Symptoms/Feelings: Leg cramps at night that make my legs hurt all day. Heartburn at night, back pain pretty much all day but worse at night. A general feeling of discomfort. The FUN ones are: lots of movement. LOTS AND LOTS. I LOVE it. When Ty is active, I poke my belly and he pokes back. Doug got to see this over the weekend, and it was pretty fun. Doug is able to hear sounds of movement when he puts his ear to my belly. Every day I've been singing "Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music because I read that the baby can recognize songs that are played/sung frequently, and will even remember them after he's born. I couldn't tell you why I chose that song. It was the first one that came out my mouth when I started singing. :)

Cravings: None this week!

Appointments: I have a midwife appointment today at 2pm, and then on Thursday night is my hospital pre-registration and tour.

Anything Big Happening? Not this week, really. It's kind of a busy week with things we've got going on, but nothing out of the ordinary. The end of the month will be more fun, though. We've got a few fun things planned for the end of September/beginning of October.

Preparing for Baby: Not a whole lot left to do for Ty. Other than his crib, that is. My mom sent us some things for him, which I am excited to get! She bought his crib bedding and I'm really excited to see it! We wanted to do the nursery in blue and brown (one of my favorite color combos), and I told my mom to surprise me with the bedding, as I am not picky and I trust her judgement! :)

Belly Pic: 30 Weeks!
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A picture of my face for good measure (and because I waxed my eyebrows and wore makeup, haha).

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