Monday, May 3, 2010

Week 11

About Baby

This week baby is 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches from crown to rump. Baby is now the size of a large lime! He/She weighs 8grams.

Baby's head is still about half the size of his/her body. Over the next two weeks, baby's head will lift up from his/her chest and the neck will develop and lengthen.

Baby's organ systems are now functioning and he/she has a skeleton, nerves and blood circulation. Baby;s feet are fully formed, and if my little froggy could stand, his/her feet would fit onto an adult fingernail! So tiny!

The critical part of baby's development is over, and the rest of pregnancy is about rapid growth and preparation for labor/delivery.

Baby's eyelids are fused and his/her irises are forming as well as tooth buds, finger and toe nails and hair follicles!

Kicks, stretches and other movements are increasing, but I won't be able to feel them for a month or so. Baby is also experiencing hiccups starting this week! Tiny little baby hiccups can be seen on an ultrasound, but not felt!

About Mommy
I thought I've been feeling something baby-ish in there over the weekend (mostly at night right before bed or first thing in the morning) that felt like I swallowed a fish, but it's still really early to be feeling the baby. While some people say it's possible, it's not really likely, especially in my first pregnancy. And since so much of my body is changing, it could have been any number of things!

I haven't had morning sickness for a while now, and am concerned about weight gain. I'm trying to eat small amounts frequently throughout the day. I'm still unable to stomach vegetables, so I've been drinking V8 fruit fusion juice to hopefully get my vitamins. Or something. I have been eating lots of fruit, still. My main craving has been for fruits of all kinds. My craving for lemonheads has passed (and we still have a case and a half of those things!), and I'm now craving peaches which aren't in season just yet. I'm also craving watermelon and strawberries. They may not be the best of fruits to crave, but it is a better choice than many.

I am now wearing maternity clothes. They're still too big on me, but my normal clothes are too tight, and I find that it is important to be comfortable. So I bought some maternity jeans and have been wearing those (and sweats when I'm just staying home). I still don't look pregnant, but my belly is growing slowly, and I am pretty sure one day I'm just going to wake up with a baby bump. My abdomen has been pretty tender to the touch, but that is normal for this stage. This is also why wearing sweats or maternity pants has been a more comfortable choice!

Important Events
Today is my first midwife appointment! I'm so excited. It's just an introduction, I'll meet my midwife and we'll talk about midwifery care, and what it includes. They said there is a possibility they will listen for baby's heart beat and I am really excited about that. It will make me feel so happy to hear little Froggy's heart beating away.

Other than that, no baby related events this week. Next week will be more exciting. ;)

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