Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekly Update

This week baby is the size of a lemon! Anywhere from 3.2-4.5 inches.

The baby now has fingerprints, which were created by the motion of swimming around in amniotic fluid! Amazing, right? I think this is so cool.

Baby is now looking more proportionate as his/her body lengthens. Baby's chin is now lifted off the chest, ears and eyes are continuing to move into the proper positions.

Baby is now producing and eliminating urine, and in preparation for that first meconium poop, baby's bowels are storing it up. Lovely.

Baby's reflexes and muscles are continuing to develop. At this point, baby can clench it's fist and even suck it's thumb! Being poked or stimulated from outside the womb can get baby to move, wiggle, flinch, or stretch!

During this week baby is also starting to be able to hear sounds from outside the womb. I'm going to start singing and reading to baby. Gotta start collecting books and music! :)

How I'm Doing
Well, being in the second trimester does have certain advantages. I'm feeling much better as far as energy goes.

I gained one pound this week, which (according to the list of bi-weekly weigh-ins in my paper pregnancy journal) means my total weight change is -19 pounds. Not bad. It is a mental struggle for me, though, seeing the numbers starting to go up.

I organized some of the baby things we have (clothes and diapers mostly). I love our diapers. We need about 5 more, but I'm hoping to get them from the states (Target!) because they are cheaper, so we'll live without them for a while. It is so much fun collecting things for the baby, though. It makes everything seem so real.

I'm starting to feel baby moving a bit. Usually first thing in the morning. This morning I tested my theory and when I felt the little bubbles (that feel sort of like carbonation), I pulled out my doppler, put it right on the spot I felt the bubbles, and there was baby! Then baby quickly moved away. I don't think it likes being poked at with the doppler, but it's fun to have a little game of cat and mouse while I chase a heart beat. :)

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