Monday, May 17, 2010

13 weeks!

This week is big news in two of my pregnancy books, and both of my journals. This week is the start of the second trimester. Technically, the second trimester starts in the middle of this week, but we won't be picky, will we? We're going to jump for joy that we have crossed over into second trimester status. This makes me beyond happy.

This week, baby is approximately 3 inches (anywhere from 2.9" to 3.5" is normal. We think baby is heading toward the 3.5" mark, because we were already nearing 3 inches at my 12 week ultrasound).

Baby is looking a lot more proportional this week. His/her head now only makes up 1/3 of that 3" length. In a few weeks, things will even out a lot more.

Baby's intestines are now tucked inside the abdomen (remember, they were partially inside the umbilical cord), right where they belong!

Baby can make a fist and suck his/her thumb. Awww, how cute! :) Baby's vocal cords are now fully formed as well (getting ready for the big debut in November, and that first beautiful cry).

About Mommy
I'm down another 3.2lbs this week, bringing my total weight change to -14lbs. It still amazes me how much weight I've lost, considering my belly keeps growing, but it makes sense. I spent several weeks throwing up on a regular basis, and now I am eating small meals frequently throughout the day. I am at my lowest weight in a really long time, and that's fine. I should start gaining weight from here on out.

I feel a burst of energy, which is fantastic. I still feel SUPER tired around 8pm, and am in bed really early on most days, but it is nice to not feel like I'm dragging all day long. I'm planning on putting my newfound energy to good use.

Not much else has changed with me. My hair is looking pretty fabulous, though! It's no longer stringy and greasy, but looking healthy and full. My nails are also really thick and long. It's really quite nice, actually. My skin is still breaking out, but not as bad as before.

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