Saturday, May 22, 2010

the small things

Doug and I like to walk to Mass on Sunday mornings. It's a 30 minute walk, but we really enjoy talking and looking around at the things in our neighborhood. And there's a super cute white fluffy dog that comes running to get pet every time we pass.

Last week we noticed the abundance of dandelions, both in the new, bright yellow form, and in the fluffy white form as well. We spent our half our walk picking fluffy white dandelions and blowing the seeds into the air.

On our way home we commented on our childish natures, and Doug mentioned that he really likes that we both enjoy the small things in life. At that moment I stopped to look at what I thought was a ladybug on a yellow dandelion, but it was actually an aphid (we think). As we continued walking, we talked about how exciting it will be to share in the joys of the small things with our baby, who will be learning about the world for the very first time.

How exciting is it to play such a dynamic role in a human beings life, that we get to show our child the joy and beauty in the world. We get to experience the small things in life with someone who is experiencing them for the very first time. We get to play in the summer rain and show our little one how worms like to crawl out of the ground when it's raining, and how the sun makes a rainbow when the rain has stopped. We get to see the beauty of a tiny butterfly or a giant elephant from the perspective of someone seeing them for the first time.

One of the best "small things" in the world is growing rapidly inside me, ready to change our world, and our perspective on life, forever.


  1. What a lovely image. Do you have baby names chosen yet?

  2. Yeah, we've decided on names. I will announce the name when we announce the sex of the baby in a few weeks.

    We are one of those rare couples who had decided on names before even getting pregnant. :)