Monday, June 7, 2010

I have an avocado

I'm 16 weeks pregnant today!

About Baby
-baby is now between 4 and 5 inches in length. About the size of an avocado.
-the tiny bones in baby's ears are forming, so around this week, baby should be able to hear the sound of my voice! Awww.
-If Froggy is a girl, she's already got her whole storage of eggs in her ovaries! Before she's born, half of those eggs will die. Did you know that? Weird, right?
-Baby's eyes are now in their proper location at the front of baby's face. Baby is also a lot more proportionate with his/her legs longer than the arms, and the head lifted off the chest.

About Momma
-Have felt little flutters of movement, but nothing consistent yet. I am not expecting to feel anything major until at least a couple more weeks, just because I have so much extra "fluff". :)
-Speaking of "fluff", I have lost more weight this week. Another 3lbs. Sigh. No idea why, though. I'm down 33lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. Ridiculous. But I'm kind of hoping this means that when the baby is born, with the extra calorie burn from breastfeeding, I'll be able to get to a weight that was below my pre-pregnancy weight. It would thrill me to get back to THIS weight after the baby is born.
-I've had more frequent headaches the past few days, but they usually come on if I haven't gotten enough sleep, or if I need to eat.
-The stupid cyst on my abdomen has started draining. This is good news, but I still need to see my doctor about possibly draining it even more. And since it's infected, I'll need antibiotics. It's getting better, though, so that's good. Gross, but good.
-Today I have my second midwife appointment. I'm hoping she won't et upset about the weight loss. Also, she'll probably try to hear the heart beat again.
-I also get to make my anatomy ultrasound appointment today. :) Two weeks to go!

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