Tuesday, June 22, 2010

19 weeks!

This week, baby is the size of a mango!

Weight Gain: I've gained 2lbs this week. My total gain is 3lbs, putting my weight change at 26lbs.
Doctor Appointments: Our big ultrasound is Thursday!!! No other appointments this week.
Baby Purchases: Haven't bought anything yet, but that will change soon.

More about Baby
-this week a thin film covers the baby's body to protect it from months and months of swimming in amniotic fluid
-baby's growth becomes more rapid and baby can even dream!
-it seems there is less and less to say about the baby here, as now the baby's important organs are developed, and baby is mostly focusing on growing!

More about Mommy
-I feel huge, but I still don't really look pregnant to strangers.
-I've been feeling the baby move a LOT lately.
-I've had a lot of soreness lately, as well. Sore hips and back especially.
-I can't believe I'm almost halfway done!

Um... that's it for this week! No belly shot, as nothing has really changed from last week. :)

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