Monday, April 26, 2010

Week 10

About Baby

This week, baby is about 1 1/4 to 1 3/4 inches from crown to rump (CRL) and baby weighs about 5g! My little one is getting bigger!

This week we compare baby's crown to rump length to a prune. Yuck. Though, that might explain some of my tummy issues this weekend. ;) By week 13, baby's length will DOUBLE! That's a lot of growing!

Baby's bones and cartilage are now starting to form, and his/her organs are now functioning.

Baby no longer has a tail, as it has now fused into the spinal column. Baby's eyelids are no longer transparent (and are now fused shut, they'll remain that way until week 27.

The placenta is now beginning to take over the production of hormones for the baby. This "tree of life" is what provides everything for my growing baby.

About Mommy
I'm feeling more like myself these days. I'm finally able to eat most meals (still struggling to eat at night), and haven't been sick in over a week. I am still tired all the time, but it's getting better (perhaps because I haven't had to work in a week, and have been waking up late and taking naps). But overall, I'm feeling good.

There is the one issue of the two subchorionic hemorrhages, but there's no way to check on those without an ultrasound. So I'm just assuming they are getting better as I rest on this comfy couch with my feet up. The resting part has been rather difficult, and I am feeling like a really helpless lump of a person. Having to ask Doug to please take out the trash because I am unable to lift it, or to please help me wash the crock pot, because it's too heavy, or to please cook dinner because I went out today and need to rest. I feel.... useless. I am trying to get outside every day for a 10 minute walk. Most days this means just walking to the mail box and dropping a letter in, or going to sit outside on a bench at the school across the street. But getting outside has been helpful.

No doctor appointments this week, and we haven't done anything baby centered yet, but we are looking at strollers.

I found one I like, but it is only sold at Target. Another one I really loved is out of our price range, but it has great reviews. I do like the Peg Perego Si Classico stroller (in Java), but it's $300! We do have a few "needs" in regards to a stroller, due to the fact that we don't own a car. Firstly, we're not going to get a travel system stroller, as we only want one convertible car seat, and not a bucket car seat. Because of this, we need a stroller that can be used with a newborn (so the back needs to fully recline and the foot rest needs to raise). We also need a stroller that is compact enough to take on the bus, but sturdy enough that it will make it through snowy sidewalks. So right now I'm looking for a more affordable stroller that fits the bill. No luck so far, but it's fun to look.

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