Saturday, April 24, 2010

resting isn't easy

Since my ultrasound on Monday I've been made to rest. The rules are that I am not to stand or walk around for more than 30 minutes, I can't carry anything heavier than a gallon of milk, and I need to sit with my feet up as often as possible.

This whole idea sounded kind of nice at first. I thought, maybe a week or two of relaxing, a forced vacation. It would be nice to spend all day watching bad TV and reading. Unfortunately, I'm having a really hard time just resting. I feel like there is so much I could be doing, and so much I need to be doing, that sitting still has been a challenge.

I know that this period of rest is something I need to do for the sake of my baby. It's also something I should enjoy, because there will soon be a time where resting is a thing of the past. I'm trying to remember that. I also know that the more I rest now, the sooner the hematomas will heal.

So for now, the apartment will be in a state of half cleanliness, Doug will be in charge of pretty much everything, and I will enjoy this period of rest as I carry the gift of life God has blessed me with. I'm spending my time looking for books to read to my still-growing baby, looking at strollers and rocking chairs and diaper bags, and thinking about how wonderful it will be to see my baby, healthy and strong, at our next ultrasound.


  1. My friend had the same thing. She was on bed rest for 2 weeks. Hang in there. Love you

  2. Thanks, Kari! I have a friend who is pregnant now (and also due in November) who has the same thing. She's been on rest for 4 weeks now, and hers hasn't healed yet. It's so hard to take it easy when you feel normal, but hopefully it will be better soon!

  3. I know how hard it is for you to just rest but at least baby will be healthy! Maybe watch some movies too? Hang in there hon!