Monday, April 12, 2010

Week 8

About Baby

This week baby has grown from the size of a blueberry, to the size of a raspberry! He or she is now somewhere between 1/2" and 3/4" from head to bum.

Baby is growing rapidly, and every day is very important in the growth of my little one. This week baby will begin moving his or her arms and legs! I won't be able to feel it until 12-14 weeks, though. It's kind of weird to think something in me is moving and growing and I can't even feel it!

Baby's eyelids, ears, upper lip and the tip of the nose are forming this week. Baby's fingers and toes are still webbed, and he/she still has a tail, but those things don't last much longer. Baby's heart has separated into 4 chambers now and is beating at 150bpm (approximately. We don't get to see the baby's heartbeat, but we will hopefully get to hear it at our first ultrasound).

About Momma
Not much has changed, though I have lost quite a bit of bloat. I actually feel thinner. There is nothing resembling baby belly at all, and I doubt there will be until my uterus moves above my pelvic bone. I have lost some more weight, thanks to the magic of morning sickness. I haven't been super sick, but what I can eat is fairly limited, so I haven't been eating as much. On top of that, not keeping a whole lot down means I've lost about 5 pounds since the beginning of pregnancy. Not much. My clothes still fit (well, most of them). I had lost 20lbs right before getting pregnant, though, so they were already kind of baggy. My "skinny" jeans don't fit anymore, though. I am guessing it's only a matter of time before all of that changes. My uterus has grown from the size of my fist, to the size of a grapefruit. Sometimes, especially at night, I can actually feel where my uterus is if I am laying down. It's quite strange, really!

I have been as tired as ever this week, and the morning sickness makes for some yucky days. I was actually so sick on Thursday that I didn't make it to work. I felt really guilty calling in "pregnant", but I was just really really sick that day. I'm learning to make myself eat even if I'm not hungry, because having a bit of food in my tummy at all times really helps. I do feel bad, though, because I haven't been eating supper (I can't stomach meat right now). I try to make food for Doug, but I just can't eat it. Some days I feel very bad because he has to make his own supper. But he's a good man, and has been a great support. Yesterday he gave me a big hug after I had been sick and told me he's sorry I have to go through this. I realize it must be strange for the dad in early pregnancy because there's no physical connection to the baby. All he's experiencing is my symptoms.

As for cravings, this week I craved a lot of citrus. I'm craving lemonade and oranges a lot. My aversions are the same as always: meat and dairy are turn offs. Sweets have been a kind of turn off as well.

One new thing has been the weird taste of foods. Yesterday I ate oatmeal and it tasted like lettuce, and this morning my cheerios tasted like onions!

Doctor Visits and other important things
No doctor visits this week. I don't have my next appointment until I am 11 weeks along (May 3rd).

I have been trying to avoid buying things for this baby, as we'd like to keep our costs as minimal as possible. I did buy a onsie that has a picture of a brindle greyhound (like Ozzy) that says "my best friend is adopted". I couldn't resist! We've also decided on a greyhound/puppy theme for the baby's nursery. I've asked my mom to make the crib bedding and curtains and she agreed. I'm really excited about it!

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