Friday, August 6, 2010

Baby Needs...

We found out today that we won't be able to move into a two bedroom apartment for a few months (possibly a few months after the baby is born). So now I can put my nesting to good use and we can start organizing and rearranging the bedroom to fit a baby.

It's gotten me thinking about what a baby really needs. I was getting so wrapped up in having Tyron's room decorated with puppies and paw prints, and getting a cute swing or having a brand new chest of drawers for him that I forget that those things are more for me than for the baby. He doesn't need any of those things. He needs arms to hold him, someone to feed him, lips to kiss him, diapers and clothes to wear and something to keep him warm. He needs to be clean and fed and hugged and kissed. He needs his mommy and daddy.

It's easy to get carried away when it's your first baby. You want the best for them, you want to give them everything. It's easy to forget that all they really need are basic necessities.

I tell Tyron all the time that I love him. I tell him that I can't wait to meet him, and that I hope I can give him everything he needs and some of the things he wants. I tell him that he's never going to run out of love.

And I am content knowing that he'll be provided for. Even if he doesn't have the wealthiest of parents, he'll have everything he needs.

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  1. That's so true. Money doesn't buy good parents who can spend time teaching him the importance of life and values. You will be a great mom.